Commercial Formen:      Greg Mazuk
One of the few that doesn't bare the last name, but it feels like he should.   9 years of Experience.  Married with Twin Daughters.
10 hour OSHA card
Head Commercial Forman:      Lance Kist
If we gave out employee of the month awards Lance would  have a box full!  A loyal employee for close to 20 years, and just so happens to be part of the family as well.  Lance is married to his wife Cindy and has two wonderful boys.
10 Hour OSHA Card
Residential Forman:       James Kist
A highly versatile employee that joined the team 7 years ago.  Is known to be the best conduit bender on the East Coast.  Born and raised in Harrison, Ohio and still resides there today.
10 Hour OSHA Card
Residential Formen:      Jeff Kist Jr.
Worked for Kist Electric
LLC. for 2 years before serving our country in the United States Marine Corp for the next 8.  Home safe and sound now and back on the team for the past 5 years.  Jeff jr. has been a vital part of our companies growth expanding us into new ventures like renewable energy.  He is married to Jill and has two beautiful children.
10 Hour OSHA Card
Certified in Photovoltaic Systems
40 Hour Solar PV Card
Residential/Commercial/Office Worker:      Nick Kist
Nick is the latest example why electricity must run through the Kist family blood.  A recent grad from The University of Tennessee with a Marketing degree.  Nick has been with the compnay for almost 2 years and is excited to add to the growth of Kist Electric
40 hour OSHA card
Owner:     Jeff Kist Sr.
Jeff started Kist Electric
LLC himself with a lot of hard work and time.  A true man's man.
Master Electric License
37 years of Electrical experience
Started Kist Electric
LLC in1989
10 hour OSHA card
Office Manger:      Kim Kist
They say every great man has a great woman behind him.  That woman has been Kim since the beginning of Kist Electric
LLC.  An awesome Office Manger and even better Mother.  Kim is married to Jeff and has 4  children.